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Google Code-in is a program run by Google since 2010 that introduces young pre-university students (13 to 17 years old) to open source. BRL-CAD has participated in GCI for a number of years and it works like this:

  • We create a bunch of tasks for students to work on BRL-CAD.
  • A student picks a task from the list and works on it.
  • The student can ask questions or get help from mentors and submits their work when they're done.
  • A BRL-CAD mentor reviews the work and either sends it back for more work or accepts it as completed successfully.

Getting Started Checklist[edit]

Whether you're applying or accepted, we've itemized everything you need to do into a simple CHECKLIST. We're here to help you become new open source developers, so don't be shy if you have any questions.

BRL-CAD participation in GCI[edit]

Google Code-In 2018[edit]

As before, we did not apply this year. We needed a break.

Google Code-In 2017[edit]

And again! BRL-CAD is 1 of 25 orgs accepted into the program.

Google Code-In 2016[edit]

We're back! BRL-CAD is 1 of 17 orgs accepted into the program.

Google Code-In 2015[edit]

Still integrating prior tasks, we did not apply. We also needed time to focus on a major release and were quite exhausted after GCI 2014. We needed a break.

Google Code-In 2014[edit]

With 393 tasks completed, this was a hugely productive year. By a simple wallclock conservative measure, those tasks constitute roughly 10 full-time years of effort.

Google Code-In 2013[edit]

Google Code-In 2012[edit]

This was the first year doing GCI. BRL-CAD was 1 of 10 organizations selected. Student response was overwhelming. We learned a lot and fell in love with the program.