The Geometry Service Network (GSNet) Protocol is a TCP/IP based protocol designed to facilitate socketed communications between Geometry Service Nodes on a network. A Geometry Service Node is defined as any softwares that supports communication via the GSNet Protocol.

GSNet Msg Description[edit]


The header of the GSNet Msg contains the information necessary for quickly determining authenticity, type and length. Geometry Service's network library, libNetwork, has a header byte layout that looks like this:

Element Length Value
MsgType int16 (2 bytes)
MessageLength int32 (4 bytes) Does *NOT* include the type or length, so is packet size - 6
MessageUUID String (Variable bytes)
HasRegardingUUID Boolean (1 byte)
RegardingMessageUUID String (Variable bytes)

  • MsgType: 2 byte integer value that tells what type of message this is.
  • MessageUUID: Standard UUID for this message. Currently stored as a string.
  • HasRegardingUUID: Boolean flag that indicates whether there is a Regarding UUID or not.
  • RegardingMessageUUID: Standard UUID that indicates this NetMsg is a response to another NetMsg.


The Data load of a NetMsg is, obivously, the important and unique part. Data Loads can be as small as zero (in the case of a TypeOnlyMsg) or many kilobytes long.

Here is a list of NetMsg types and here is a list of Common NetMsg Exchanges.