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The GLTF plugin converts glTF geometry to BRL-CAD geometry. This is a part of the geometry conversion library, and the accepted file types are .gltf and .glb.


Currently the plugin is capable of:

  • creating a hierarchy of the geometry scene
  • applying the mesh with its mesh name
  • getting object data, like location, shape, and size
  • applying translations for each mesh



  • The GLTF plugin does not get the materials and textures data applied to the meshes.


  • The plugin does not apply animations.

Interleaved Geometry[edit]

  • The plugin does not check to see if the file has interleaved geometry. Therefore, this option would need to get integrated.

Missing Geometry[edit]

  • For complicated models, there are some meshes that do not appear due to not getting all of the meshes correct primitive data. A mesh can have multiple primitive data therefore being able to match the mesh with its corresponding primitive data would get the remaining meshes of the model.

Naming Issue[edit]

  • Some files contain mesh data that do not have a mesh name. Currently, it increments the shape number per mesh found. This is incorrect however since all mesh should correspond with their same naming scheme.