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[[Category:Design Documents]]
= Development Projects =
== Introduction ==
* [[libpg : A parametrics/constraint library]]
If you are going to contribute and wish to be the part of ongoing development of BRL-CAD, you are highly recommended to read following introductory article to let you know the current roadmap of the project.
* [[Revolve Primitive]]
* [[OpenGL GUI Framework]]
* [[Metropolis_Light_Transport|Global Illumination using Metropolis Light Transport]]
* [[Geometry Service]]
[[An Introduction To New Developers]]
= Developer FAQ =
== Developer FAQ ==
== I'm interested in BRL-CAD development.  How can I get involved? ==
=== I'm interested in BRL-CAD development. How can I get involved? ===
* Join the [http://irc.brlcad.org/ IRC channel] and/or the [http://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/brlcad-devel developer mailing list]
* Join the IRC channel #brlcad at irc.freenode.net and/or the [http://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/brlcad-devel developer mailing list]
* Read the [https://brlcad.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/*checkout*/brlcad/brlcad/trunk/HACKING developer's guide]
* Read the [https://brlcad.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/*checkout*/brlcad/brlcad/trunk/HACKING developer's guide]
* Start [http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=add&group_id=105292&atid=640804 submitting patches]
* Start [http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=add&group_id=105292&atid=640804 submitting patches]
=== I'm trying to add a new file to the repository and I get an error on commit about mime types. What should I do? ===
== I'm trying to add a new file to the repository and I get an error on commit about mime types. What should I do? ==
You should set the mime type. See [[mime-types]] for more information.
== Developer Examples ==
* [[Example_libbu|Linking against a library]]
* [[Example_db_walk_tree|Using db_walk_tree()]]
* [[GCV_Plugin_Tutorial]]
* [[:Category:Code examples]]
== Development Tips ==
You should set the mime type.  See [[mime-types]] for more information.
* [[Compiling]]
* [[Emacs]]
* [[SVN+SSH]]
== Development Projects ==
= Developer Examples =
* [[Online Geometry]]
* [[Example_db_walk_tree]]
** [[OGV|Online Geometry Viewer Project]]
*** [[OGV_on_FreeBSD]]
** [http://more.brlcad.org/ BRL-CAD Model Repository]
* New GUI
** [[OpenGL GUI Framework]]
* Geometry Engine / Server
** [[BRL-CAD's core C++ interface]]
** [[Geometry Service]]
*** [[Geometry_Service_Project_Main|Geometry Service Project]]
* Geometry Conversion
** [[ProE-BRL|Pro/ENGINEER to BRL-CAD export plugin]]
** [[STEP|ISO 103030 STEP Geometry Conversion Support]]
* Community Initiatives
** [[Google Summer of Code]]
** [[ESA Summer of Code in Space]]
** [[Google Code In]]
** [[Google_Doc_Camp|Google Doc Camp]]
** [[Google Season of Docs]]
* Out-of-date Orphans
** [[libpg : A parametrics/constraint library]]
** [[libpc | libpc : Geometric Constraint Solving]]

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