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Compiling BRL-CAD with Xcode on Mac OS X


An already built and running version of BRL-CAD for Mac OS X can be downloaded from here, or these steps will guide you through the process of how to compiling it yourself.

Obtain Dev Tools

Download the latest version of CMake for Mac OS X. Once downloaded, follow the instructions to install CMake and be sure to select the box for installing the CMake developer tools:

Also, during installation, be sure CMake Command Line tools are installed.


The latest version of the BRL-CAD source is also required, which can be obtained here.

You will also need Xcode, which can be downloaded from the Mac App Store. When installing, make sure you install the unix development command-line tools. Or if Xcode is already installed on your system, you can install the command line tools (or double-check to make sure you have them) by navigating to Xcode Preferences > Downloads and in the components tab, you should see Command Line Tools:


and want to see if you need to install them, you can check in Xcode Preferences > Downloads??


Open Terminal (in /User/Applications/Utilities) and cd to the location of the brl-cad source folder:

 cd brlcad

Create a new folder called "brlcad-build," which is where we will store the configured CMake build. We will then need CMake to compile the build:

 cd brlcad-build
 cmake ..

Install the CMake configuration:

 sudo make install
 ls -la /usr/brlcad

Run to compile a working Xcode BRL-CAD Project: