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Cliff Yapp, 2010DEC8: Release 7.18.0

We are pleased to announce the availability of the BRL-CAD 7.18.0 source release. Since our last announcement the final patch release of the 7.16 line was released (7.16.10) and we have now begun development on the 7.18 release line. There is a possiblity of a relatively quick follow-on patch release if development warrants, but we will be attempting to return to our monthly release schedule with the 7.18 line.

Support for NURBS raytracing continues to steadily improve. Improved algorithms for surface preparation have resolved the grand majority of previously observed raytracing issues.

In MGED some troublesome bugs have been resolved, including the nirt line formatting issue, the attribute deletion problems associated with the red command, and garbage output in results from the idents, solids, and regions commands. Other fixes include a long standing bug in CSG boolean tree processing, infinite loop bugs in tessellation routines, and a tessellation bug when processing pipes with maximum bends. Enhancements to NURBS wireframe drawing do a much better job at illustrating the shape of various types of surfaces. The rt command is now capable of outputting its image in the popular standard image format PNG instead of the customary PIX format.

Thanks to contributions from Jesica Giudice and Luciano Lamaita BRL-CAD now includes a Spanish translation of all 16 MGED tutorial lessons.

A new plugin has been added to both Archer and MGED to consolidate and organize the multitude of BoT processing tools into one unified, easy-to-use interface. This interface and the tools it utilizes will see more testing in coming releases as work continues to improve the robustness of BRL-CAD's tessellation routines. A sophisticated new test script is available for those who wish to test their geometry and follow progress in this area - this script will attempt to tessellate all object in one or more .g files and report the results in a concise and organized manner, helping to identify problem cases.

Since release 7.16.8, the categorized changes are:


  • improved NURBS wireframes with interior surface lines - Keith Bowman
  • improved support for unlimited object counts in mged - Sean Morrison
  • fixed 'erase_all' behavior so 'who' gives correct lists - Bob Parker
  • fixed idents, solids, and regions output - Bob Parker
  • fixed running mged external tools (e.g., rt) after 'cd' - Bob Parker
  • new BoT editing interface for mged and archer - Nicholas Reed
  • fixed mged zap crash while using preview - Keith Bowman, Bob Parker
  • added ability to toggle mged status bar via .mgedrc - Rob Shinn
  • new mged 'bot' command for accessing BoT properties - Nicholas Reed
  • fixed nirt output formatting in MGED - Cliff Yapp
  • rt can now output directly to PNG, among others - Erik Greenwald
  • mged 'red' command no longer deletes custom attributes - Cliff Yapp
  • fixed crash using bot_split on non-"plate mode" BoTs - Bob Parker
  • improved NURBS curve evaluation for mged brep command - Keith Bowman
  • fixed OpenGL framebuffer Mac refresh bug - Sean Morrison, Bob Parker

Ray Tracing & Analysis

  • additional NURBS raytracing robustness improvements - Keith Bowman
  • fixed NURBS raytrace bug grazing nearly flat surfaces - Keith Bowman
  • fixed 'pnts' point cloud primitive memory access bug - Richard Weiss
  • improved robustness of CSG boolean tree processing - Sean Morrison
  • added ray bundle shooting capability to rtshot - Keith Bowman
  • increased optimized package run-time performance - Sean Morrison
  • fixed crash when raytracing multiple frames - Keith Bowman


  • increased performance of facetization and export - Sean Morrison
  • fixed infinite loop bug converting to NMG and BoT - Sean Morrison
  • fixed crash during BoT decimation - Nicholas Reed
  • improved robustness of facetization and export - Richard Weiss
  • cleaner logging of facetize command BoT failures - Sean Morrison
  • fixed crash-on-exit bug with iges-g importer - Richard Weiss
  • fixed crash tessellating pipes with maximum bends - John Anderson
  • fixed extrude object tessellation failures - Östen Lundahl


  • ported benchmark suite to Windows (requires 'sh') - Erik Greenwald
  • improved Windows installer desktop shortcut creation - Bob Parker
  • improved loading of Pro/E export plugin on Windows - Bob Parker
  • added all remaining shape tools to the Windows build - Sean Morrison

External Dependencies

  • libpng updated from version 1.4.1 to 1.4.3 - Sean Morrison
  • Tcl/Tk updated from 8.5.6 to 8.5.8 - Cliff Yapp
  • added Tktable 2.10 external dependency for archer - Cliff Yapp


  • expanded rtarea documentation with examples and detail - Cliff Yapp
  • spanish translation for tutorial 9 - Jesica Giudice, Luciano Lamaita
  • spanish translations for tutorials 4-5, 7-8, 10-16 - Jesica Giudice
  • added manual page for 'random' number generator tool - Sean Morrison


  • restored archer view commands to work without a .g file - Bob Parker
  • improvements to the primitive creation menu in archer - Bob Parker
  • improved archer object list view - Bob Parker


  • removed pl-sgi plot tool - Sean Morrison
  • removed 'query' command line prompting tool - Sean Morrison
  • fixed framebuffer shutdown and memory management bugs - Bob Parker
  • fixed pixhalve memory leak and corruption on exit - Sean Morrison
  • fixed heap corruption writing NURBS sketch objects - Östen Lundahl
  • added fullscreen display mode via F5 keybinding to ISST - Cliff Yapp
  • fixed memory leak in ISST during window resizing - Erik Greenwald
  • fixed running multiple framebuffer servers concurrently - Bob Parker

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