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Greetings. I need to export a BRL CAD model in .stl into NGSolve to create a mesh file for Calculix. But when I try to export I get the following error message :

can't read "_conv_log": no such variable

   while executing

"return -code error "Converting $input_file to a .g file failed: $_conv_log""

   (procedure "cadwidgets::geom_save" line 48)
   invoked from within

"cadwidgets::geom_save $mTargetCopy $mTarget $itk_component(ged)"

   (object "::.archer0" method "::ArcherCore::exportDb" body line 21)
   invoked from within

"::.archer0 exportDb"

   (in namespace inscope "::Archer" script line 1)
   invoked from within

"namespace inscope ::Archer {::.archer0 exportDb}"

   (menu invoke)

I am new to BRL CAD and any help in this matter would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.