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<code>rtshot</code>&mdash;pass a ray through a model to see what it hits.
<code>rtshot</code>&mdash;pass a ray through a model to see what it hits.
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== Translators to BRL-CAD ==
== Translators to BRL-CAD ==

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This is a list of the Unix commands provided by BRL-CAD. In the spirit of Unix there are over 400 commands that each do a single thing well and can be used together as you see fit.


fence—make a model of a fence

mged—multi-device geometry editor. Start here.

tire—make a model of a tire

vegetation—make a model of a tree.

Model Interrogation

rtshot—pass a ray through a model to see what it hits.

Translators to BRL-CAD

  • 3dm-g
  • dxf-g
  • iges-g
  • off-g
  • raw-g
  • tankill-g
  • comgeom-g
  • enf-g
  • jack-g
  • patch-g
  • shp-g
  • tgf-g
  • cy-g
  • euclid-g
  • nastran-g
  • ply-g
  • step-g
  • viewpoint-g
  • dem-g
  • fast4-g
  • obj-g
  • proe-g
  • stl-g

Translators from BRL-CAD

g-stl—convert a .g file to a .stl file

g-vrml—convert a .g file to vrml 2.0


rtwizard—Tcl/tk-based front end to the raytracer.

rtedge—Creates line-art renders of models.