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Appleseed Integration Project

Integration with appleseed ( has been a long-standing BRL-CAD project. In essence, the idea is to render BRL-CAD geometry through a custom plugin to the appleseed renderer.




Separating Regions

  • The custom BRL-CAD plugin currently combines all the BRL-CAD regions into a single object. While this works to some extent, it would be more ideal to separate each region into a separate object. This would make other features, such as assigning region-specific colors, much easier to implement.


  • Right now, the entire BRL-CAD object is rendered by appleseed as a single hard-coded color. However, BRL-CAD geometry supports the use of different colors and materials for individual primitives/regions. After the custom plugin has been updated to separate BRL-CAD regions, implementing colors/materials would be a relatively high-priority feature.

Multithreading Support

  • Both appleseed and librt are capable of multithreaded rendering, but at the moment, the plugin will only work on a single thread. At some point, multithreading support should be implemented in order to fully take advantage of appleseed/librt capabilities.