Annot label box

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Example of the case when we have box arround the label

One feature of the annotations in the cad programs is having a box around the annotation text this isn't final, it is work undergoing in GSoC 2019.

mged> in
Enter name of solid: labelbox
Enter solid type: annot
Enter the point to be annotated: 0
Enter Y: 0
Enter Z: 0
Enter the text label: box_around_label
Enter X,Y for the text placement: 20
Enter Y: 20
Enter the relative vertical position(1->bottom, 2->middle, 3->top): 1
Enter the relative horizontal position(1->right, 2->center, 3->left): 1
Enter label box chois (1->box around the label,0->no box around the label): 1

this feature works also with all the position flags of the annotation.

Example of the case when we have box around the label