Ali Haydar Dev log

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Community Bonding Period

  1. setting up the environment installing ubuntu in dual boot and rebuilding the project in windows and ubuntu
  2. working on bugs:- the annotation is pointing to the origin fixed and patch submitted the drawing of numerical annotation results in no annotation working on it and notice that after constructing the numerical annotation you can't draw anything in the graphical screen until writing the Z command in MGED or reopening the database.
  3. using the code to modify the Vlist to draw a box around the label it is like a hack, not a real function just an experiment, it makes me realize that the label drawing should not start from the reference point but a little bit further so the box doesn't touch the label.
  4. contacting with the mentors and asking about there opinions.

This page is will be edited to include what I've learned so far and served as a log for the coming development.

Coding period

  • May 27 start reading the annotation code and trying to understand the problem in the opengl depiction in Wgl and ogl display managers
  • May 28-29 failing to have any result with OpenGL and keep trying the logic exists in dm-X display manager but I am failing to copy it with OpenGL functions. the program is using OpenGL in immediate mode.
  • May 30 learning how to manipulate vector lists
  • May 31 the annotation vlist is complete when it exists in drawVlist() function in dm-wgl.c starting from the third point we can obtain the coordinates to the label vlist and use them to construct the box around the label
  • June 1 learning opengl immediate mode the projection wanted by the society is like the one produced by Glortho() but it is not giving the wanted results
  • June 2 working on the short annotation bug when you have a short annotation like one number or one letter it is not drawn in the graphics window one fix suggested by a fellow programmer is commenting the line 79 in vlist.c but this fix isn't approved by the society.
  • June 3 write the function ant_label_box() which draw the box around the annotation it was good but we have to optain a pointer to the segments inside the annotations and decide which segments have a box around it and which is not
  • June 4 one day off didn't do anything just read some code.
  • June 5 reading how the properties of line seg and text segment are entered and read by the annot_in function