Advanced Sketch Primitive Editor


BRL-CAD supports many primitives, including a 2D sketch primitive, but we do not presently provide the means to specify values that are undetermined or otherwise dependent calculations. So we don't have a way to constrain (for example) a line segment to remain at a fixed angle relative to another line segment during editing.

This task would focus on implementing basic support for this feature in the context of BRL-CAD's sketch primitive. Options include:

In particular, psketcher offers some Qt visualizations of sketch editing - a good "first step" would be to make a "Qt sketch editor" for BRL-CAD's sketch objects. This is likely to require refactoring psketcher and/or sketchsolve, but they do provide a starting point.

This task is related to the more general parametric constraint tasks, but it is more narrowly scoped and more focused on immediately user visible features.



  • Familiarity with C/C++