2D Sketch Editor


Archer is the next iteration of BRL-CAD's MGED model editing tool. We are currently in the process of migrating functionality from MGED to Archer. MGED currently provides a minimal sketch editor that is used to create and edit BRL-CAD's sketch primitive.

Archer also needs the ability to create and edit sketches. This project would entail examination of the existing sketch editor in MGED and ensuring a new sketch editing component in Archer enabled all the functionality of the old editor. Just "porting" the existing sketch editor to Archer would be no more than a first step - the editing experience and usability should also be enhanced.


An interesting direction would be to examine TkCAD, which is license compatible:

and how its functionality might be integrated into Archer for sketch editing (and other features in the future, modular design is a good direction to go).


  • Familiarity with C (understanding of sketch primitive)
  • Familiarity with Tcl/Tk