Here is a list of all modules:
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 libbu (utility functions)
 Data Containers
 Attribute/Value Sets
 Bit Vectors
 Hash Tables
 Linked Lists
 Structure Parsing
 Pointer Tables
 Red-Black Trees
 Variable-length Byte Buffers
 Variable-length Strings
 Memory Management
 Magic Numbers
 Allocation & Deallocation
 Memory-mapped Files
 File Processing
 Vector Fonts
 Data Management
 Command Processing
 Data Conversion
 Command-line Option Parsing
 Network Byte-order Conversion
 Histogram Handling
 Sorting Algorithms
 Endian Support
 Time Support
 Parallel Processing
 Single Instruction Multiple Data
 Language Bindings
 Tcl Interfacing
 libbn (numerical functions)
 Angle/Distance Cursor
 Complex Numbers
 Display Lists
 Fractal Noise
 Matrix/Vector/Quaternion Math
 Point/Line/Plane Geometry Math
 Convex Hulls
 Oriented Bounding Rectangles/Rectangular Cuboids
 Random Numbers
 Minimal Standard Random Numbers
 Random Number Tables
 libbn Tcl interface
 Spherical Maps
 Tabulated Data
 Triangle/Triangle Intersection Tests
 Vertex Trees
 libsysv (sysv)
 libbrep (NURBS)
 librt (geometry, raytracing)
 Database IO
 N-Manifold Geometry
 Ray Tracing
 libpc (Parametrics and Constraints)
 Constraint Solution
 EBNF Parser
 Database Input/Output/Updation
 libwdb (database writing)
 libpkg (pkg)
 libfb (framebuffer)
 libgcv (Geometry Conversion)
 libanalyze (geometry analysis)
 libged (geometry editing and commands)
 liboptical (optical)
 libcursor (cursor)
 libdm (display management)
 libfft (Fast Fourier Transform)
 libicv (Image Conversion)
 libmultispectral (multispectral)
 libtclcad (Tcl CAD)
 libtermio (termio)