#include "common.h"
#include "bu/list.h"
#include "bu/vls.h"
#include "bn.h"
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Data Structures

struct  pc_param
struct  pc_constraint_fp
struct  pc_constrnt
struct  pc_pc_set


#define PC_PCSET_PUSHP(_pcsp, _par)   BU_LIST_PUSH(&(_pcsp->ps->l),&(_par->l));
#define PC_PCSET_PUSHC(_pcsp, _con)   BU_LIST_PUSH(&(_pcsp->cs->l),&(_con->l));
#define PC_DB_FASTF_T   1
#define PC_DB_POINT_T   2
#define PC_DB_VECTOR_T   3
#define PC_DB_BYSTRUCT   1
#define PC_DB_BYEXPR   2


void pc_init_pcset (struct pc_pc_set *pcs)
void pc_free_pcset (struct pc_pc_set *pcs)
void pc_free_constraint (struct pc_constrnt *c)
void pc_getparameter (struct pc_param **p, int t)
void pc_pushparam_expr (struct pc_pc_set *pcsp, const char *name, const char *str)
void pc_pushparam_struct (struct pc_pc_set *pcs, const char *name, int type, void *ptr)
void pc_getconstraint_expr (struct pc_constrnt **c)
void pc_getconstraint_struct (struct pc_constrnt **c, int nargs)
void pc_pushconstraint_expr (struct pc_pc_set *pcsp, const char *name, const char *str)
void pc_pushconstraint_struct (struct pc_pc_set *pcs, const char *name, int nargs, int dimension, int(*fp)(double **args), const char **args)
void pc_pushconstraint_struct1 (struct pc_pc_set *pcs, struct pc_constrnt *c)
void pc_pushconstraint (struct pc_pc_set *pcs, const char *str)
int pc_isperpendicular (double **v)
void pc_mk_isperpendicular (struct pc_constrnt **c, const char *name, const char **args)
int pc_ismodpositive (double **v)
void pc_mk_ismodpositive (struct pc_constrnt **c, const char *name, const char **args)

Detailed Description

Structures required for implementing Parametrics and constraints

Definition in file pc.h.