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#define BU_DEBUG_OFF   0 /* No debugging */
#define BU_DEBUG_COREDUMP   0x00000001 /* bu_bomb() should dump core on exit */
#define BU_DEBUG_MEM_CHECK   0x00000002 /* Mem barrier & leak checking */
#define BU_DEBUG_MEM_LOG   0x00000004 /* Print all dynamic memory operations */
#define BU_DEBUG_UNUSED_0   0x00000008 /* unused */
#define BU_DEBUG_PARALLEL   0x00000010 /* Parallel debug logging */
#define BU_DEBUG_MEM_QCHECK   0x00000020 /* Fast mem leak checking (won't work with corruption) */
#define BU_DEBUG_BACKTRACE   0x00000040 /* Log backtrace details during abnormal exit */
#define BU_DEBUG_ATTACH   0x00000080 /* Waits for a debugger to attach during a crash */
#define BU_DEBUG_MATH   0x00000100 /* Fundamental math routines (plane.c, mat.c) */
#define BU_DEBUG_PTBL   0x00000200 /* bu_ptbl_*() logging */
#define BU_DEBUG_AVS   0x00000400 /* bu_avs_*() logging */
#define BU_DEBUG_MAPPED_FILE   0x00000800 /* bu_mapped_file logging */
#define BU_DEBUG_PATHS   0x00001000 /* File and path debug logging */
#define BU_DEBUG_UNUSED_1   0x00002000 /* unused */
#define BU_DEBUG_UNUSED_2   0x00004000 /* unused */
#define BU_DEBUG_UNUSED_3   0x00008000 /* unused */
#define BU_DEBUG_TABDATA   0x00010000 /* LIBBN: tabdata */
#define BU_DEBUG_UNUSED_4   0x00020000 /* unused */
#define BU_DEBUG_UNUSED_5   0x00040000 /* unused */
#define BU_DEBUG_UNUSED_6   0x00080000 /* unused */


int bu_debug

Detailed Description

Macro Definition Documentation

#define BU_DEBUG_OFF   0 /* No debugging */

Section for BU_DEBUG values

These can be set from the command-line of RT-compatible programs using the "-!" option.

These definitions are each for one bit.

Definition at line 51 of file debug.h.

#define BU_DEBUG_COREDUMP   0x00000001 /* bu_bomb() should dump core on exit */

Definition at line 53 of file debug.h.

Referenced by bn_mat_ck(), bu_bomb(), bu_heap_get(), ged_debuglib(), and main().

#define BU_DEBUG_MEM_LOG   0x00000004 /* Print all dynamic memory operations */

Definition at line 55 of file debug.h.

Referenced by alloc(), bu_free(), bu_realloc(), and bu_strdupm().

#define BU_DEBUG_UNUSED_0   0x00000008 /* unused */

Definition at line 56 of file debug.h.

#define BU_DEBUG_PARALLEL   0x00000010 /* Parallel debug logging */

Definition at line 58 of file debug.h.

Referenced by bu_avail_cpus(), and bu_parallel().

#define BU_DEBUG_MEM_QCHECK   0x00000020 /* Fast mem leak checking (won't work with corruption) */

Definition at line 59 of file debug.h.

Referenced by alloc(), bu_ck_malloc_ptr(), bu_free(), bu_prmem(), and bu_realloc().

#define BU_DEBUG_BACKTRACE   0x00000040 /* Log backtrace details during abnormal exit */

Definition at line 60 of file debug.h.

Referenced by backtrace(), and bu_backtrace().

#define BU_DEBUG_ATTACH   0x00000080 /* Waits for a debugger to attach during a crash */

Definition at line 61 of file debug.h.

Referenced by backtrace().

#define BU_DEBUG_PTBL   0x00000200 /* bu_ptbl_*() logging */
#define BU_DEBUG_AVS   0x00000400 /* bu_avs_*() logging */

Definition at line 65 of file debug.h.

Referenced by bu_avs_init(), bu_avs_new(), db5_export_attributes(), and db5_import_attributes().

#define BU_DEBUG_MAPPED_FILE   0x00000800 /* bu_mapped_file logging */

Definition at line 66 of file debug.h.

Referenced by bu_close_mapped_file(), bu_free_mapped_files(), and bu_open_mapped_file().

#define BU_DEBUG_PATHS   0x00001000 /* File and path debug logging */

Definition at line 68 of file debug.h.

Referenced by bu_brlcad_data(), bu_brlcad_root(), bu_file_exists(), bu_whereis(), and bu_which().

#define BU_DEBUG_UNUSED_1   0x00002000 /* unused */

Definition at line 69 of file debug.h.

#define BU_DEBUG_UNUSED_2   0x00004000 /* unused */

Definition at line 70 of file debug.h.

#define BU_DEBUG_UNUSED_3   0x00008000 /* unused */

Definition at line 71 of file debug.h.

#define BU_DEBUG_UNUSED_4   0x00020000 /* unused */

Definition at line 74 of file debug.h.

#define BU_DEBUG_UNUSED_5   0x00040000 /* unused */

Definition at line 75 of file debug.h.

#define BU_DEBUG_UNUSED_6   0x00080000 /* unused */

Definition at line 76 of file debug.h.


Definition at line 79 of file debug.h.

Referenced by Bu_Init(), and ged_debugbu().

Variable Documentation

int bu_debug

controls the libbu debug level

Definition at line 87 of file globals.c.

Referenced by Add_bot_face(), alloc(), backtrace(), bn_2line3_colinear(), bn_between(), bn_ck_table(), bn_dist_line3_pt3(), bn_dist_pt2_along_line2(), bn_dist_pt2_lseg2(), bn_dist_pt3_line3(), bn_dist_pt3_lseg3(), bn_distsq_line3_pt3(), bn_isect_line2_line2(), bn_isect_line2_lseg2(), bn_isect_lseg2_lseg2(), bn_isect_lseg3_lseg3(), bn_isect_planes(), bn_isect_pt2_lseg2(), bn_mat_ck(), bn_mat_inv(), bn_print_table_and_tabdata(), bn_read_table_and_tabdata(), bn_tabdata_add(), bn_tabdata_area1(), bn_tabdata_area2(), bn_tabdata_binary_read(), bn_tabdata_blend2(), bn_tabdata_blend3(), bn_tabdata_constval(), bn_tabdata_copy(), bn_tabdata_dup(), bn_tabdata_free(), bn_tabdata_freq_shift(), bn_tabdata_from_array(), bn_tabdata_get_constval(), bn_tabdata_incr_mul2_scale(), bn_tabdata_incr_mul3_scale(), bn_tabdata_join1(), bn_tabdata_join2(), bn_tabdata_malloc_array(), bn_tabdata_mk_linear_filter(), bn_tabdata_mul(), bn_tabdata_mul3(), bn_tabdata_mul_area1(), bn_tabdata_mul_area2(), bn_tabdata_resample_avg(), bn_tabdata_resample_max(), bn_tabdata_scale(), bn_tabdata_to_tcl(), bn_table_delete_sample_pts(), bn_table_find_x(), bn_table_free(), bn_table_interval_num_samples(), bn_table_lin_interp(), bn_table_make_uniform(), bn_table_merge2(), bn_table_read(), bn_table_scale(), bn_table_write(), bu_avail_cpus(), bu_avs_init(), bu_avs_new(), bu_backtrace(), bu_bomb(), bu_brlcad_data(), bu_brlcad_root(), bu_ck_malloc_ptr(), bu_close_mapped_file(), bu_file_exists(), bu_free(), bu_free_mapped_files(), bu_heap_get(), Bu_Init(), bu_nice_set(), bu_open_mapped_file(), bu_parallel(), bu_prmem(), bu_ptbl_cat(), bu_ptbl_cat_uniq(), bu_ptbl_free(), bu_ptbl_init(), bu_ptbl_ins(), bu_ptbl_ins_unique(), bu_ptbl_reset(), bu_ptbl_rm(), bu_realloc(), bu_strdupm(), bu_strlcatm(), bu_strlcpym(), bu_whereis(), bu_which(), curve_to_vlist(), db5_export_attributes(), db5_import_attributes(), do_tri(), gcv_fastgen4_read(), ged_debugbu(), ged_debuglib(), ged_E(), main(), rt_copy_sketch(), rt_extrude_xform(), rt_htbl_free(), rt_htbl_init(), rt_htbl_reset(), rt_revolve_xform(), rt_sketch_export4(), rt_sketch_export5(), rt_sketch_ifree(), rt_sketch_import4(), rt_sketch_import5(), rt_spect_black_body(), rt_spect_black_body_fast(), rt_spect_black_body_points(), and shoot_and_plot().