#include "common.h"
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <math.h>
#include "bu/rb.h"
#include "./rb_internals.h"
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HIDDEN void _rb_describe_node (struct bu_rb_node *node, int depth)
void bu_rb_diagnose_tree (struct bu_rb_tree *tree, int order, int trav_type)
void bu_rb_summarize_tree (struct bu_rb_tree *tree)

Detailed Description

Diagnostic routines for red-black tree maintenance

Definition in file rb_diag.c.

Function Documentation

HIDDEN void _rb_describe_node ( struct bu_rb_node node,
int  depth 

Print out the contents of a red-black node

This function has two parameters: the node to describe and its depth in the tree. _rb_describe_node() is intended to be called by bu_rb_diagnose_tree().

Definition at line 42 of file rb_diag.c.

References BU_CKMAG, bu_log(), BU_RB_NODE_MAGIC, BU_RB_PKG_NULL, RB_BLK, RB_CKORDER, RB_GET_COLOR, RB_LEFT_CHILD, RB_PARENT, RB_RED, RB_RIGHT_CHILD, bu_rb_node::rbn_tree, bu_rb_package::rbp_data, and bu_rb_tree::rbt_print.

Referenced by bu_rb_diagnose_tree().

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