LoopBooleanResult Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void ClearOuterloops ()
void ClearInnerloops ()

Data Fields

std::vector< ON_SimpleArray< ON_Curve * > > outerloops
std::vector< ON_SimpleArray< ON_Curve * > > innerloops

Detailed Description

Definition at line 1654 of file boolean.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void ClearOuterloops ( )

Definition at line 1659 of file boolean.cpp.

Referenced by combine_loops().

void ClearInnerloops ( )

Definition at line 1666 of file boolean.cpp.

Referenced by innerloops_inside_outerloop(), and split_trimmed_face().

Field Documentation

std::vector<ON_SimpleArray<ON_Curve *> > outerloops
std::vector<ON_SimpleArray<ON_Curve *> > innerloops

Definition at line 1657 of file boolean.cpp.

Referenced by append_faces_from_loops(), combine_loops(), and make_result_from_loops().

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