obj_grammar_decls.h File Reference
#include "common.h"
#include "obj_grammar.hpp"
#include "obj_rules.h"
#include "obj_token_type.h"
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void * ParseAlloc (void *(*mallocProc)(size_t))
void Parse (void *parser, int tokenType, YYSTYPE tokenValue, yyscan_t scanner)
void ParseFree (void *p, void(*freeProc)(void *))
void ParseTrace (FILE *stream, char *prefix)

Function Documentation

void* ParseAlloc ( void *(*)(size_t)  mallocProc)
void Parse ( void *  parser,
int  tokenType,
YYSTYPE  tokenValue,
yyscan_t  scanner 
void ParseFree ( void *  p,
void(*)(void *)  freeProc 
void ParseTrace ( FILE *  stream,
char *  prefix