fb.h File Reference
#include "common.h"
#include "bsocket.h"
#include "bio.h"
#include "bu/bu_tcl.h"
#include "bu/magic.h"
#include "bu/vls.h"
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Data Structures

struct  ColorMap
struct  fb_platform_specific


#define PIXEL_NULL   (unsigned char *) 0
#define RGBPIXEL_NULL   (unsigned char *) 0
#define COLORMAP_NULL   (ColorMap *) 0
#define FB_NULL   (fb *) 0
#define FB_CK_FB(_p)   BU_CKMAG(_p, FB_MAGIC, "FB")
#define COPYRGB(to, from)
#define FB_DEBUG_BIO   1 /* Buffered io calls (less r/wpixel) */
#define FB_DEBUG_CMAP   2 /* Contents of colormaps */
#define FB_DEBUG_RW   4 /* Contents of reads and writes */
#define FB_DEBUG_BRW   8 /* Buffered IO rpixel and wpixel */


typedef unsigned char RGBpixel[3]
typedef struct fb_internal fb
typedef struct fb_internal FBIO


fbfb_get ()
void fb_put (fb *ifp)
char * fb_gettype (fb *ifp)
int fb_get_max_width (fb *ifp)
int fb_get_max_height (fb *ifp)
int fb_getwidth (fb *ifp)
int fb_getheight (fb *ifp)
int fb_poll (fb *ifp)
long fb_poll_rate (fb *ifp)
int fb_help (fb *ifp)
int fb_free (fb *ifp)
int fb_clear (fb *ifp, unsigned char *pp)
ssize_t fb_read (fb *ifp, int x, int y, unsigned char *pp, size_t count)
ssize_t fb_write (fb *ifp, int x, int y, const unsigned char *pp, size_t count)
int fb_rmap (fb *ifp, ColorMap *cmap)
int fb_wmap (fb *ifp, const ColorMap *cmap)
int fb_view (fb *ifp, int xcenter, int ycenter, int xzoom, int yzoom)
int fb_getview (fb *ifp, int *xcenter, int *ycenter, int *xzoom, int *yzoom)
int fb_setcursor (fb *ifp, const unsigned char *bits, int xb, int yb, int xo, int yo)
int fb_cursor (fb *ifp, int mode, int x, int y)
int fb_getcursor (fb *ifp, int *mode, int *x, int *y)
int fb_readrect (fb *ifp, int xmin, int ymin, int width, int height, unsigned char *pp)
int fb_writerect (fb *ifp, int xmin, int ymin, int width, int height, const unsigned char *pp)
int fb_bwreadrect (fb *ifp, int xmin, int ymin, int width, int height, unsigned char *pp)
int fb_bwwriterect (fb *ifp, int xmin, int ymin, int width, int height, const unsigned char *pp)
fbfb_open (const char *file, int _width, int _height)
int fb_close (fb *ifp)
int fb_close_existing (fb *ifp)
int fb_genhelp (void)
int fb_ioinit (fb *ifp)
int fb_seek (fb *ifp, int x, int y)
int fb_tell (fb *ifp, int *xp, int *yp)
int fb_rpixel (fb *ifp, unsigned char *pp)
int fb_wpixel (fb *ifp, unsigned char *pp)
int fb_flush (fb *ifp)
int fb_configure_window (fb *, int, int)
int fb_refresh (fb *ifp, int x, int y, int w, int h)
void fb_log (const char *fmt,...) _BU_ATTR_PRINTF12
int fb_null (fb *ifp)
int fb_null_setcursor (fb *ifp, const unsigned char *bits, int xbits, int ybits, int xorig, int yorig)
int fb_common_file_size (size_t *widthp, size_t *heightp, const char *filename, int pixel_size)
int fb_common_image_size (size_t *widthp, size_t *heightp, size_t npixels)
int fb_common_name_size (size_t *widthp, size_t *heightp, const char *name)
int fb_write_fp (fb *ifp, FILE *fp, int req_width, int req_height, int crunch, int inverse, struct bu_vls *result)
int fb_read_fd (fb *ifp, int fd, int file_width, int file_height, int file_xoff, int file_yoff, int scr_width, int scr_height, int scr_xoff, int scr_yoff, int fileinput, char *file_name, int one_line_only, int multiple_lines, int autosize, int inverse, int clear, int zoom, struct bu_vls *result)
void fb_set_interface (fb *ifp, const char *interface_type)
void fb_set_name (fb *ifp, const char *name)
char * fb_get_name (fb *ifp)
void fb_set_magic (fb *ifp, uint32_t magic)
long fb_get_pagebuffer_pixel_size (fb *ifp)
int fb_is_set_fd (fb *ifp, fd_set *infds)
int fb_set_fd (fb *ifp, fd_set *select_list)
int fb_clear_fd (fb *ifp, fd_set *select_list)
int fb_is_linear_cmap (const ColorMap *cmap)
void fb_make_linear_cmap (ColorMap *cmap)
struct fb_platform_specificfb_get_platform_specific (uint32_t magic)
void fb_put_platform_specific (struct fb_platform_specific *fb_p)
fbfb_open_existing (const char *file, int _width, int _height, struct fb_platform_specific *fb_p)
int fb_reset (fb *ifp)
int fb_viewport (fb *ifp, int left, int top, int right, int bottom)
int fb_window (fb *ifp, int xcenter, int ycenter)
int fb_zoom (fb *ifp, int xzoom, int yzoom)
int fb_scursor (fb *ifp, int mode, int x, int y)
void fb_tcl_setup (void)
int Fb_Init (Tcl_Interp *interp)
const char * fb_version (void)

Detailed Description

"Generic" Framebuffer Library Interface Defines.

Definition in file fb.h.