basic_parser_extra< PrecisionT, charT, traits, Allocator > Struct Template Reference

#include <obj_parser_state.h>

Collaboration diagram for basic_parser_extra< PrecisionT, charT, traits, Allocator >:

Public Types

typedef charT char_type
typedef traits traits_type
typedef Allocator allocator
typedef basic_obj_parser< charT, traits, Allocator > basic_parser_type
typedef basic_obj_contents< PrecisionT, charT, traits, Allocator > contents_type
typedef basic_parser_state< contents_typeparser_state_type

Public Member Functions

 basic_parser_extra (basic_parser_type *p, contents_type *c)

Data Fields

parser_state_type parser_state
parser_type parser

Detailed Description

template<typename PrecisionT, typename charT = char, typename traits = std::char_traits<char>, typename Allocator = std::allocator<char>>
struct cad::gcv::obj::basic_parser_extra< PrecisionT, charT, traits, Allocator >

Composition object for dealing with lex/lacc reentrant interface.

Lifetime is only until the parse completion of a single file and its includes.

Definition at line 350 of file obj_parser_state.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef charT char_type

Definition at line 351 of file obj_parser_state.h.

typedef traits traits_type

Definition at line 352 of file obj_parser_state.h.

typedef Allocator allocator

Definition at line 353 of file obj_parser_state.h.

typedef basic_obj_parser<charT, traits, Allocator> basic_parser_type

Definition at line 355 of file obj_parser_state.h.

typedef basic_obj_contents<PrecisionT, charT, traits, Allocator> contents_type

Definition at line 357 of file obj_parser_state.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Field Documentation

parser_type parser

Definition at line 363 of file obj_parser_state.h.

basic_parser_type* basic_parser

Definition at line 364 of file obj_parser_state.h.

contents_type* contents

Definition at line 365 of file obj_parser_state.h.

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