stat.c File Reference
#include "bu/magic.h"
#include "bu/malloc.h"
#include "icv.h"
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HIDDEN size_t ** icv_init_bins (icv_image_t *img, int n_bins)
size_t ** icv_hist (icv_image_t *img, int n_bins)
double * icv_max (icv_image_t *img)
double * icv_sum (icv_image_t *img)
double * icv_mean (icv_image_t *img)
double * icv_min (icv_image_t *img)
double * icv_var (icv_image_t *img, size_t **bins, int n_bins)
double * icv_skew (icv_image_t *img, size_t **bins, int n_bins)
int * icv_median (icv_image_t *img, size_t **bins, int n_bins)
int * icv_mode (icv_image_t *img, size_t **bins, int n_bins)

Detailed Description

This file contains image statistics and histogram routines.

Definition in file stat.c.

Function Documentation

HIDDEN size_t** icv_init_bins ( icv_image_t img,
int  n_bins 

Definition at line 31 of file stat.c.

References bu_malloc(), and icv_image::channels.

Referenced by icv_hist().

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