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int rt_metaball_bbox (struct rt_db_internal *ip, point_t *min, point_t *max, const struct bn_tol *tol)
fastf_t rt_metaball_get_bounding_sphere (point_t *center, fastf_t threshold, struct rt_metaball_internal *mb)
int rt_metaball_find_intersection (point_t *intersect, const struct rt_metaball_internal *mb, const point_t *a, const point_t *b, fastf_t step, const fastf_t finalstep)
void rt_metaball_norm_internal (vect_t *n, point_t *p, struct rt_metaball_internal *mb)

Function Documentation

int rt_metaball_bbox ( struct rt_db_internal ip,
point_t *  min,
point_t *  max,
const struct bn_tol tol 

Calculate a bounding RPP around a metaball

Definition at line 165 of file metaball.c.

References rt_db_internal::idb_ptr, rt_metaball_get_bounding_sphere(), VSET, VSETALL, X, Y, and Z.

Referenced by rt_metaball_prep(), and rt_metaball_tess().

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fastf_t rt_metaball_get_bounding_sphere ( point_t *  center,
fastf_t  threshold,
struct rt_metaball_internal *  mb 

Definition at line 100 of file metaball.c.

References BU_LIST_FOR, VSETALL, X, and ZERO.

Referenced by rt_metaball_bbox(), rt_metaball_plot(), rt_metaball_prep(), and rt_metaball_tess().

int rt_metaball_find_intersection ( point_t *  intersect,
const struct rt_metaball_internal *  mb,
const point_t *  a,
const point_t *  b,
fastf_t  step,
const fastf_t  finalstep 

Definition at line 345 of file metaball.c.

References rt_metaball_find_intersection(), and rt_metaball_point_inside().

Referenced by rt_metaball_find_intersection(), and rt_metaball_shot().

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void rt_metaball_norm_internal ( vect_t *  n,
point_t *  p,
struct rt_metaball_internal *  mb 

Definition at line 503 of file metaball.c.

References BU_LIST_FOR, bu_log(), SQ, OSL::Strings::v, and VSETALL.

Referenced by rt_metaball_norm().

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