polygon.c File Reference
#include "bu/sort.h"
#include "bn/polygon.h"
#include "bn/plane_struct.h"
#include "bn/plane_calc.h"
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int bn_polygon_area (fastf_t *area, size_t npts, const point_t *pts)
 Functions for working with polygons. More...
int bn_polygon_centroid (point_t *cent, size_t npts, const point_t *pts)
 Calculate the centroid of a non self-intersecting polygon. More...
int bn_polygon_mk_pts_planes (size_t *npts, point_t **pts, size_t neqs, const plane_t *eqs)
 Calculate for an array of plane_eqs, which build a polyhedron, the point_t's for each face. More...
HIDDEN int sort_ccw (const void *x, const void *y, void *cmp)
int bn_polygon_sort_ccw (size_t npts, point_t *pts, plane_t cmp)
 Sort an array of point_ts, building a convex polygon, counter-clockwise. More...

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HIDDEN int sort_ccw ( const void *  x,
const void *  y,
void *  cmp 

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Referenced by bn_polygon_sort_ccw().