search.h File Reference
#include "common.h"
#include "bu/list.h"
#include "bu/ptbl.h"
#include "rt/defines.h"
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Data Structures

struct  db_full_path_list


#define DB_SEARCH_TREE   0x0
 Do a hierarchy-aware search. This is the default. More...
#define DB_SEARCH_FLAT   0x1
 Do a flat search without hierarchy. More...
#define DB_SEARCH_HIDDEN   0x2
 Search using hidden objects. More...
 Return the set of unique directory pointers instead of full paths. More...
#define DB_SEARCH_QUIET   0x8
 Silence all warnings. More...


int db_search (struct bu_ptbl *results, int flags, const char *filter, int path_c, struct directory **path_v, struct db_i *dbip)
 Search for objects in a geometry database using filters. More...
void db_search_free (struct bu_ptbl *search_results)
DEPRECATED int db_full_path_list_add (const char *path, int local, struct db_i *dbip, struct db_full_path_list *path_list)
DEPRECATED void db_free_full_path_list (struct db_full_path_list *path_list)
DEPRECATED void * db_search_formplan (char **argv, struct db_i *dbip)
DEPRECATED void db_search_freeplan (void **plan)
DEPRECATED struct db_full_path_listdb_search_full_paths (void *searchplan, struct db_full_path_list *path_list, struct db_i *dbip)
DEPRECATED struct bu_ptbldb_search_unique_objects (void *searchplan, struct db_full_path_list *path_list, struct db_i *dbip)

Detailed Description

Functionality for searching .g files

Definition in file search.h.