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file  sort.c


void bu_sort (void *array, size_t nummemb, size_t sizememb, int(*compare)(const void *, const void *, void *), void *context)

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void bu_sort ( void *  array,
size_t  nummemb,
size_t  sizememb,
int(*)(const void *, const void *, void *)  compare,
void *  context 

Definition at line 110 of file sort.c.

References CMP, MIN, pd(), SWAP, SWAPINIT, and VECSWAP.

Referenced by _ged_print_node(), _ged_vls_col_pr4v(), bbd_render(), bn_2d_chull(), bn_polygon_sort_ccw(), comb_flatten(), ged_attr(), ged_edcodes(), ged_lc(), main(), nmg_edge_fuse(), nmg_edge_g_fuse(), nmg_face_coincident_vu_sort(), nmg_ptbl_vfuse(), rt_nugrid_cut(), and str2type().

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