soltab Struct Reference

#include <raytrace.h>

Collaboration diagram for soltab:

Data Fields

struct bu_list l
 links, headed by rti_headsolid More...
struct bu_list l2
 links, headed by st_dp->d_use_hd More...
const struct rt_functabst_meth
 pointer to per-solid methods More...
struct rt_ist_rtip
 "up" pointer to rt_i More...
long st_uses
 Usage count, for instanced solids. More...
int st_id
 Solid ident. More...
point_t st_center
 Centroid of solid. More...
fastf_t st_aradius
 Radius of APPROXIMATING sphere. More...
fastf_t st_bradius
 Radius of BOUNDING sphere. More...
void * st_specific
 -> ID-specific (private) struct More...
const struct directoryst_dp
 Directory entry of solid. More...
point_t st_min
 min X, Y, Z of bounding RPP More...
point_t st_max
 max X, Y, Z of bounding RPP More...
long st_bit
 solids bit vector index (const) More...
struct bu_ptbl st_regions
 ptrs to regions using this solid (const) More...
matp_t st_matp
 solid coords to model space, NULL=identity More...
struct db_full_path st_path
 path from region to leaf More...
long st_npieces

pieces used by this solid

long st_piecestate_num
 re_pieces[] subscript More...
struct bound_rppst_piece_rpps
 bounding RPP of each piece of this solid More...

Detailed Description

Internal information used to keep track of solids in the model. Leaf name and Xform matrix are unique identifier. Note that all objects store dimensional values in millimeters (mm).

Definition at line 425 of file raytrace.h.

Field Documentation

struct bu_list l

links, headed by rti_headsolid

Definition at line 426 of file raytrace.h.

Referenced by _ged_get_obj_bounds2(), _rt_find_identical_solid(), add_solid(), make_hole_in_prepped_regions(), and rt_free_soltab().

struct bu_list l2

links, headed by st_dp->d_use_hd

Definition at line 427 of file raytrace.h.

Referenced by _ged_get_obj_bounds2(), _rt_find_identical_solid(), add_solid(), make_hole_in_prepped_regions(), rt_free_soltab(), and rt_nugrid_cut().

struct rt_i* st_rtip

"up" pointer to rt_i

Definition at line 429 of file raytrace.h.

Referenced by _rt_find_identical_solid(), rt_dsp_print(), rt_pipe_elim_dups(), rt_prep_parallel(), and unprep_leaf().

long st_uses

Usage count, for instanced solids.

Definition at line 430 of file raytrace.h.

Referenced by _rt_find_identical_solid(), _rt_gettree_leaf(), make_hole_in_prepped_regions(), rt_free_soltab(), and unprep_leaf().

void* st_specific

-> ID-specific (private) struct

Definition at line 435 of file raytrace.h.

Referenced by bottie_prep_double(), bottie_prep_float(), bottie_shot_double(), dsp_pos(), fix_halfs(), free_etree(), ged_brep(), rt_arb_class(), rt_arb_free(), rt_arb_norm(), rt_arb_print(), rt_arb_setup(), rt_arb_shot(), rt_arb_uv(), rt_arbn_curve(), rt_arbn_free(), rt_arbn_norm(), rt_arbn_prep(), rt_arbn_print(), rt_arbn_shot(), rt_arbn_uv(), rt_ars_class(), rt_ars_curve(), rt_ars_free(), rt_ars_norm(), rt_ars_print(), rt_ars_shot(), rt_ars_uv(), rt_bot_free(), rt_bot_makesegs(), rt_bot_norm(), rt_bot_piece_shot(), rt_bot_shot(), rt_brep_curve(), rt_brep_free(), rt_brep_norm(), rt_brep_prep(), rt_brep_print(), rt_brep_shot(), rt_brep_uv(), rt_cline_free(), rt_cline_prep(), rt_cline_print(), rt_cline_shot(), rt_dsp_free(), rt_dsp_norm(), rt_dsp_prep(), rt_dsp_print(), rt_dsp_shot(), rt_dsp_uv(), rt_ebm_curve(), rt_ebm_dda(), rt_ebm_free(), rt_ebm_norm(), rt_ebm_prep(), rt_ebm_print(), rt_ebm_shot(), rt_ehy_curve(), rt_ehy_free(), rt_ehy_norm(), rt_ehy_prep(), rt_ehy_print(), rt_ehy_shot(), rt_ehy_uv(), rt_ell_curve(), rt_ell_free(), rt_ell_norm(), rt_ell_prep(), rt_ell_print(), rt_ell_shot(), rt_ell_uv(), rt_epa_curve(), rt_epa_free(), rt_epa_norm(), rt_epa_prep(), rt_epa_print(), rt_epa_shot(), rt_epa_uv(), rt_eto_curve(), rt_eto_free(), rt_eto_norm(), rt_eto_prep(), rt_eto_print(), rt_eto_shot(), rt_eto_uv(), rt_extrude_curve(), rt_extrude_free(), rt_extrude_norm(), rt_extrude_prep(), rt_extrude_print(), rt_extrude_shot(), rt_grp_free(), rt_grp_prep(), rt_grp_print(), rt_hf_curve(), rt_hf_free(), rt_hf_norm(), rt_hf_prep(), rt_hf_print(), rt_hf_shot(), rt_hf_uv(), rt_hlf_curve(), rt_hlf_free(), rt_hlf_norm(), rt_hlf_prep(), rt_hlf_print(), rt_hlf_shot(), rt_hlf_uv(), rt_hrt_free(), rt_hrt_prep(), rt_hrt_print(), rt_hrt_shot(), rt_hyp_curve(), rt_hyp_free(), rt_hyp_norm(), rt_hyp_prep(), rt_hyp_print(), rt_hyp_shot(), rt_hyp_uv(), rt_joint_free(), rt_joint_prep(), rt_joint_print(), rt_metaball_curve(), rt_metaball_free(), rt_metaball_norm(), rt_metaball_prep(), rt_metaball_print(), rt_metaball_shot(), rt_metaball_uv(), rt_nmg_free(), rt_nmg_prep(), rt_nmg_print(), rt_nmg_shot(), rt_nurb_free(), rt_nurb_prep(), rt_nurb_print(), rt_nurb_shot(), rt_part_curve(), rt_part_free(), rt_part_norm(), rt_part_prep(), rt_part_print(), rt_part_shot(), rt_part_uv(), rt_pg_free(), rt_pg_prep(), rt_pg_print(), rt_pg_shot(), rt_pgface(), rt_pipe_free(), rt_pipe_norm(), rt_pipe_prep(), rt_pipe_print(), rt_pipe_shot(), rt_pnts_print(), rt_rec_curve(), rt_rec_free(), rt_rec_norm(), rt_rec_prep(), rt_rec_print(), rt_rec_shot(), rt_rec_uv(), rt_revolve_free(), rt_revolve_norm(), rt_revolve_prep(), rt_revolve_print(), rt_revolve_shot(), rt_revolve_uv(), rt_rhc_curve(), rt_rhc_free(), rt_rhc_norm(), rt_rhc_prep(), rt_rhc_print(), rt_rhc_shot(), rt_rhc_uv(), rt_rpc_curve(), rt_rpc_free(), rt_rpc_norm(), rt_rpc_prep(), rt_rpc_print(), rt_rpc_shot(), rt_rpc_uv(), rt_sketch_prep(), rt_sph_curve(), rt_sph_free(), rt_sph_norm(), rt_sph_prep(), rt_sph_print(), rt_sph_shot(), rt_sph_uv(), rt_submodel_a_hit(), rt_submodel_free(), rt_submodel_prep(), rt_submodel_print(), rt_submodel_shot(), rt_superell_free(), rt_superell_norm(), rt_superell_prep(), rt_superell_print(), rt_superell_shot(), rt_tgc_curve(), rt_tgc_free(), rt_tgc_norm(), rt_tgc_prep(), rt_tgc_print(), rt_tgc_shot(), rt_tgc_uv(), rt_tor_curve(), rt_tor_free(), rt_tor_norm(), rt_tor_prep(), rt_tor_print(), rt_tor_shot(), rt_tor_uv(), rt_vol_free(), rt_vol_norm(), rt_vol_prep(), rt_vol_print(), rt_vol_shot(), rt_xxx_curve(), rt_xxx_free(), rt_xxx_norm(), rt_xxx_print(), rt_xxx_shot(), rt_xxx_uv(), tthrm_render(), and XGLUE().

matp_t st_matp
struct db_full_path st_path

path from region to leaf

Definition at line 442 of file raytrace.h.

Referenced by _rt_gettree_leaf(), rt_free_soltab(), and rt_tcl_pr_hit().

long st_npieces

pieces used by this solid

Definition at line 444 of file raytrace.h.

Referenced by insert_in_bsp(), remove_from_bsp(), rt_cut_extend(), rt_gettrees_muves(), rt_res_pieces_init(), and XGLUE().

long st_piecestate_num

re_pieces[] subscript

Definition at line 445 of file raytrace.h.

Referenced by rt_gettrees_muves(), rt_res_pieces_init(), and rt_shootray().

struct bound_rpp* st_piece_rpps

bounding RPP of each piece of this solid

Definition at line 446 of file raytrace.h.

Referenced by insert_in_bsp(), rt_ct_old_assess(), rt_ct_populate_box(), rt_prep_parallel(), rt_split_mostly_empty_cells(), and XGLUE().

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