tri_face.h File Reference

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struct faceuse * make_faceuse_from_face (const double points[], int numPoints)
void triangulateFace (int **faces, size_t *numFaces, const double points[], size_t numPoints, struct bn_tol tol)

Detailed Description

triangulateFace routine for triangulating convex/concave planar N-gons.

Definition in file tri_face.h.

Function Documentation

struct faceuse* make_faceuse_from_face ( const double  points[],
int  numPoints 

Definition at line 146 of file tri_face.c.

References BU_LIST_FIRST, get_first_shell(), and make_model_from_face().

Referenced by triangulateFace().

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void triangulateFace ( int **  faces,
size_t *  numFaces,
const double  points[],
size_t  numPoints,
struct bn_tol  tol 

Definition at line 199 of file tri_face.c.

References BU_LIST_FOR, bu_malloc(), bn_tol::dist, get_faceuse_model(), getPointReference(), lu, make_faceuse_from_face(), nmg_km(), and nmg_triangulate_fu().

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