dm-Null.c File Reference
#include "common.h"
#include "tcl.h"
#include "vmath.h"
#include "dm.h"
#include "dm-Null.h"
#include "dm_private.h"
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int null_close (struct dm_internal *dmp)
int null_drawBegin (struct dm_internal *dmp)
int null_drawEnd (struct dm_internal *dmp)
int null_normal (struct dm_internal *dmp)
int null_loadMatrix (struct dm_internal *dmp, fastf_t *mat, int which_eye)
int null_loadPMatrix (struct dm_internal *dmp, fastf_t *mat)
int null_drawString2D (struct dm_internal *dmp, const char *str, fastf_t x, fastf_t y, int size, int use_aspect)
int null_drawLine2D (struct dm_internal *dmp, fastf_t x_1, fastf_t y_1, fastf_t x_2, fastf_t y_2)
int null_drawLine3D (struct dm_internal *dmp, point_t pt1, point_t pt2)
int null_drawLines3D (struct dm_internal *dmp, int npoints, point_t *points, int sflag)
int null_drawPoint2D (struct dm_internal *dmp, fastf_t x, fastf_t y)
int null_drawPoint3D (struct dm_internal *dmp, point_t point)
int null_drawPoints3D (struct dm_internal *dmp, int npoints, point_t *points)
int null_drawVList (struct dm_internal *dmp, struct bn_vlist *vp)
int null_drawVListHiddenLine (struct dm_internal *dmp, struct bn_vlist *vp)
int null_draw (struct dm_internal *dmp, struct bn_vlist *(*callback_function)(void *), void **data)
int null_setFGColor (struct dm_internal *dmp, unsigned char r, unsigned char g, unsigned char b, int strict, fastf_t transparency)
int null_setBGColor (struct dm_internal *dmp, unsigned char r, unsigned char g, unsigned char b)
int null_setLineAttr (struct dm_internal *dmp, int width, int style)
int null_configureWin (struct dm_internal *dmp, int force)
int null_setWinBounds (struct dm_internal *dmp, fastf_t *w)
int null_setLight (struct dm_internal *dmp, int light_on)
int null_setTransparency (struct dm_internal *dmp, int transparency)
int null_setDepthMask (struct dm_internal *dmp, int mask)
int null_setZBuffer (struct dm_internal *dmp, int zbuffer_on)
int null_debug (struct dm_internal *dmp, int lvl)
int null_logfile (struct dm_internal *dmp, const char *filename)
int null_beginDList (struct dm_internal *dmp, unsigned int list)
int null_endDList (struct dm_internal *dmp)
void null_drawDList (unsigned int list)
int null_freeDLists (struct dm_internal *dmp, unsigned int list, int range)
int null_genDLists (struct dm_internal *dmp, size_t range)
int null_getDisplayImage (struct dm_internal *dmp, unsigned char **image)
void null_reshape (struct dm_internal *dmp, int width, int height)
int null_makeCurrent (struct dm_internal *dmp)
int null_openFb (struct dm_internal *dmp)


struct dm_internal dm_null

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int null_logfile ( struct dm_internal dmp,
const char *  filename 

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