bu_rb_package Struct Reference

#include <rb.h>

Collaboration diagram for bu_rb_package:

Data Fields

uint32_t rbp_magic
struct bu_rb_node ** rbp_node
struct bu_rb_listrbp_list_pos
void * rbp_data

Detailed Description

Wrapper for application data.

This structure provides a level of indirection between the application software's data and the red-black nodes in which the data is stored. It is necessary because of the algorithm for deletion, which generally shuffles data among nodes in the tree. The package structure allows the application data to remember which node "contains" it for each order.

Definition at line 188 of file rb.h.

Field Documentation

uint32_t rbp_magic

Magic no. for integrity check

Definition at line 190 of file rb.h.

Referenced by bu_rb_insert().

struct bu_rb_node** rbp_node

Containing nodes

Definition at line 191 of file rb.h.

Referenced by bu_rb_delete(), bu_rb_insert(), and rb_free_package().

struct bu_rb_list* rbp_list_pos

Place in the list of all pkgs.

Definition at line 192 of file rb.h.

Referenced by bu_rb_insert(), and rb_free_package().

void* rbp_data

Application data

Definition at line 193 of file rb.h.

Referenced by _rb_describe_node(), bu_rb_free(), and bu_rb_insert().

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