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file  timerhep.c
file  timer42.c
file  timer-nt.c
file  timerunix.c


void rt_prep_timer (void)
double rt_get_timer (struct bu_vls *vp, double *elapsed)
double rt_read_timer (char *str, int len)
int rt_plot_solid (FILE *fp, struct rt_i *rtip, const struct soltab *stp, struct resource *resp)

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void rt_prep_timer ( void  )

Definition at line 36 of file timer-nt.c.

References time(), and time0.

Referenced by rt_metaball_tess().

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double rt_get_timer ( struct bu_vls vp,
double *  elapsed 

Reports on the passage of time, since rt_prep_timer() was called. Explicit return is number of CPU seconds. String return is descriptive. If "elapsed" pointer is non-null, number of elapsed seconds are returned. Times returned will never be zero.

Definition at line 44 of file timer-nt.c.

References BU_CK_VLS, bu_vls_printf(), bu_vls_strcat(), HZ, time(), and time0.

Referenced by rt_metaball_tess(), and rt_read_timer().

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double rt_read_timer ( char *  str,
int  len 

Compatibility routine

Definition at line 80 of file timer-nt.c.

References bu_strlcpy, bu_vls_addr(), BU_VLS_INIT_ZERO, bu_vls_strlen(), rt_get_timer(), and time().

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int rt_plot_solid ( FILE *  fp,
struct rt_i rtip,
const struct soltab stp,
struct resource resp 

Referenced by rt_plot_cell().