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int XGLUE (rt_botface_w_normals_, TRI_TYPE)
void XGLUE (rt_bot_prep_pieces_, TRI_TYPE)
int XGLUE (rt_bot_prep_, TRI_TYPE)
HIDDEN int XGLUE (rt_bot_makesegs_, TRI_TYPE)
int XGLUE (rt_bot_shot_, TRI_TYPE)
int XGLUE (rt_bot_piece_shot_, TRI_TYPE)
void XGLUE (rt_bot_norm_, TRI_TYPE)
void XGLUE (rt_bot_free_, TRI_TYPE)

Detailed Description

This file contains all the routines for "g_bot.c" that contain references to "tri_specific" structs. This file is included in "g_bot.c" twice. Each time the macro TRI_TYPE is defined to reflect the desired version of the "tri_specific" structure:

TRI_TYPE == float -> use the "tri_float_specific" struct TRI_TYPE == double -> use the original "tri_specific" struct

Definition in file g_bot_include.c.