msr.h File Reference
#include "common.h"
#include "bn/defines.h"
#include "bu/magic.h"
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Data Structures

struct  bn_unif
 Minimal Standard RANdom number generator. More...
struct  bn_gauss


#define BN_CK_UNIF(_p)   BU_CKMAG(_p, BN_UNIF_MAGIC, "bn_unif")
#define BN_CK_GAUSS(_p)   BU_CKMAG(_p, BN_GAUSS_MAGIC, "bn_gauss")
#define BN_UNIF_LONG(_p)
#define BN_UNIF_DOUBLE(_p)
#define BN_UNIF_CIRCLE(_p, _x, _y, _r)
#define BN_UNIF_SPHERE(_p, _x, _y, _z, _r)
#define BN_GAUSS_DOUBLE(_p)


struct bn_unifbn_unif_init (long setseed, int method)
void bn_unif_free (struct bn_unif *p)
long bn_unif_long_fill (struct bn_unif *p)
double bn_unif_double_fill (struct bn_unif *p)
struct bn_gaussbn_gauss_init (long setseed, int method)
void bn_gauss_free (struct bn_gauss *p)
double bn_gauss_fill (struct bn_gauss *p)