rt_comb_internal Struct Reference

#include <raytrace.h>

Collaboration diagram for rt_comb_internal:

Data Fields

uint32_t magic
union treetree
 Leading to tree_db_leaf leaves. More...
char region_flag
 !0 ==> this COMB is a REGION More...
char is_fastgen
long region_id
long aircode
long GIFTmater
long los
char rgb_valid
 !0 ==> rgb[] has valid color More...
unsigned char rgb [3]
float temperature

0 ==> region temperature

struct bu_vls shader
struct bu_vls material
char inherit

Detailed Description

In-memory format for database "combination" record (non-leaf node). (Regions and Groups are both a kind of Combination). Perhaps move to wdb.h or rtgeom.h?

Definition at line 936 of file raytrace.h.

Field Documentation

uint32_t magic

Definition at line 937 of file raytrace.h.

char is_fastgen


Definition at line 940 of file raytrace.h.

Referenced by db_apply_state_from_comb(), db_comb_describe(), mk_comb(), rt_comb_export4(), rt_comb_export5(), rt_comb_import4(), and rt_comb_import5().

float temperature

0 ==> region temperature

Definition at line 949 of file raytrace.h.

Referenced by db_apply_state_from_comb(), and rt_comb_adjust().

struct bu_vls material

Definition at line 951 of file raytrace.h.

Referenced by main(), rt_comb_adjust(), rt_comb_get(), rt_comb_import4(), and rt_comb_make().

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