cutnode Struct Reference

#include <raytrace.h>

Collaboration diagram for cutnode:

Data Fields

int cn_type
int cn_axis
 0, 1, 2 = cut along X, Y, Z More...
fastf_t cn_point
 cut through axis==point More...
union cuttercn_l
 val < point More...
union cuttercn_r
 val >= point More...

Detailed Description

Structures for space subdivision.

cut_type is an integer for efficiency of access in rt_shootray() on non-word addressing machines.

If a solid has 'pieces', it will be listed either in bn_list (initially), or in bn_piecelist, but not both.

Definition at line 684 of file raytrace.h.

Field Documentation

int cn_type

Definition at line 685 of file raytrace.h.

Referenced by rt_cut_one_axis().

fastf_t cn_point

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