rand.h File Reference
#include "common.h"
#include "bn/defines.h"
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#define BN_RAND_TABSIZE   4096
 A supply of fast pseudo-random numbers from table in bn/rand.c. The values are in the open interval (i.e. exclusive) of 0.0 to 1.0 range with a period of 4096. More...
#define BN_RAND_TABMASK   0xfff
#define BN_RANDSEED(_i, _seed)   _i = ((unsigned)_seed) % BN_RAND_TABSIZE
#define BN_RANDOM(_i)   bn_rand_table[ _i = (_i+1) % BN_RAND_TABSIZE ]
#define BN_RANDHALF(_i)   (bn_rand_table[ _i = (_i+1) % BN_RAND_TABSIZE ]-0.5)
#define BN_RANDHALF_INIT(_p)   _p = bn_rand_table
#define BN_RANDHALFTABSIZE   16535 /* Powers of two give streaking */
#define bn_rand_half(_p)
#define bn_rand_init(_p, _seed)
#define bn_rand0to1(_q)   (bn_rand_half(_q)+0.5)
#define BN_SINTABSIZE   2048
#define bn_tab_sin(_a)


void bn_mathtab_constant (void)
 For benchmarking purposes, make the random number table predictable. Setting to all zeros keeps dithered values at their original values. More...


const float bn_rand_table [BN_RAND_TABSIZE]
int bn_randhalftabsize
float bn_rand_halftab [BN_RANDHALFTABSIZE]
const float bn_sin_table [BN_SINTABSIZE]