test_diff.c File Reference
#include "common.h"
#include <string.h>
#include "tcl.h"
#include "mater.h"
#include "raytrace.h"
#include "rt/db_diff.h"
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void print_diff_summary (struct bu_ptbl *results)
int main (int argc, char **argv)

Function Documentation

void print_diff_summary ( struct bu_ptbl results)

Definition at line 32 of file test_diff.c.

References diff_result::attr_diffs, diff_result::attr_state, bu_log(), BU_PTBL_GET, BU_PTBL_LEN, DIFF_ADDED, DIFF_CHANGED, DIFF_EMPTY, DIFF_REMOVED, DIFF_UNCHANGED, diff_avp::left_value, diff_avp::name, diff_result::obj_name, diff_result::param_diffs, diff_result::param_state, diff_avp::right_value, and diff_avp::state.

Referenced by main().

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int main ( int  argc,
char **  argv 

Definition at line 73 of file test_diff.c.

References BN_TOL_DIST, bu_exit(), bu_file_exists(), BU_GET, bu_log(), bu_ptbl_free(), BU_PTBL_GET, BU_PTBL_INIT, BU_PTBL_LEN, BU_PUT, db_close(), DB_COMPARE_ALL, db_diff(), db_dirbuild(), db_open(), DB_OPEN_READONLY, DBI_NULL, diff_free_result(), DIFF_UNCHANGED, bn_tol::dist, print_diff_summary(), RT_CK_DBI, and rt_new_material_head().

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