region_end.c File Reference
#include "common.h"
#include "bu/parallel.h"
#include "gcv.h"
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union tree_gcv_cleanup (int state, union tree *tp)
union treegcv_region_end (struct db_tree_state *tsp, const struct db_full_path *pathp, union tree *curtree, void *client_data)

Detailed Description

Generate a tree of resolved BoT's, one per region. Roughly based on UnBBoolean's j3dbool (and associated papers).

Routines to process regions during a db_walk_tree.

Routines to process regions during a db_walk_tree using the marching cubes algorithm.

Definition in file region_end.c.

Function Documentation

union tree* _gcv_cleanup ( int  state,
union tree tp 

Definition at line 33 of file region_end.c.

References BU_ALLOC, db_free_tree(), rt_g::NMG_debug, OP_NOP, RT_TREE_INIT, rt_uniresource, and RTG.

Referenced by gcv_region_end(), and gcv_region_end_mc().

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