ShaderMaster Class Reference

#include <oslexec_pvt.h>

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Public Types

typedef intrusive_ptr< ShaderMasterref

Public Member Functions

 ShaderMaster (ShadingSystemImpl &shadingsys)
 ~ShaderMaster ()
std::string print ()
ShadingSystemImplshadingsys () const
void resolve_syms ()
int findsymbol (ustring name) const
Symbol * symbol (int index)
const std::string & shadername () const


class OSOReaderToMaster
class ShaderInstance

Detailed Description

ShaderMaster is the full internal representation of a complete shader that would be a .oso file on disk: symbols, instructions, arguments, you name it. A master copy is shared by all the individual instances of the shader.

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Member Typedef Documentation

typedef intrusive_ptr<ShaderMaster> ref

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ShaderMaster ( ShadingSystemImpl shadingsys)

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Member Function Documentation

std::string print ( )
ShadingSystemImpl& shadingsys ( ) const

Return a pointer to the shading system for this master.

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void resolve_syms ( )

Run through the symbols and set up various things we can know with just the master: the size (including padding), and their data pointers if they are constants or params (to the defaults). As a side effect, also set this->m_firstparam/m_lastparam.

int findsymbol ( ustring  name) const

Find the named symbol, return its index in the symbol array, or -1 if not found.

Symbol* symbol ( int  index)

Return a pointer to the symbol (specified by integer index), or NULL (if index was -1, as returned by 'findsymbol').

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const std::string& shadername ( ) const

Return the name of the shader.

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Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class OSOReaderToMaster

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friend class ShaderInstance

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