partition Struct Reference

#include <raytrace.h>

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Data Fields

uint32_t pt_magic
 sanity check More...
struct partitionpt_forw
 forwards link More...
struct partitionpt_back
 backwards link More...
struct segpt_inseg
 IN seg ptr (gives stp) More...
struct hitpt_inhit
 IN hit pointer. More...
struct segpt_outseg
 OUT seg pointer. More...
struct hitpt_outhit
 OUT hit ptr. More...
struct regionpt_regionp
 ptr to containing region More...
char pt_inflip
 flip inhit->hit_normal More...
char pt_outflip
 flip outhit->hit_normal More...
struct region ** pt_overlap_reg
 NULL-terminated array of overlapping regions. NULL if no overlap. More...
struct bu_ptbl pt_seglist
 all segs in this partition More...

Detailed Description

Partitions of a ray. Passed from rt_shootray() into user's a_hit() function.

Not changed to a bu_list for backwards compatibility, but you can iterate the whole list by writing:

for (BU_LIST_FOR(pp, partition, (struct bu_list *)PartHeadp))

Definition at line 571 of file raytrace.h.

Field Documentation

uint32_t pt_magic

sanity check

Definition at line 573 of file raytrace.h.

Referenced by rt_fastgen_plate_vol_overlap(), rt_partition_len(), rt_shootray(), and rt_shootray_bundle().

char pt_inflip

flip inhit->hit_normal

Definition at line 581 of file raytrace.h.

Referenced by bot_smooth_hit(), HitRef(), ICHit(), PHit(), rt_boolweave(), rt_pr_pt_vls(), and shade_inputs().

char pt_outflip

flip outhit->hit_normal

Definition at line 582 of file raytrace.h.

Referenced by bot_smooth_hit(), osl_refraction_hit(), rr_hit(), rt_boolfinal(), rt_boolweave(), rt_pr_pt_vls(), and rt_rebuild_overlaps().

struct region** pt_overlap_reg

NULL-terminated array of overlapping regions. NULL if no overlap.

Definition at line 583 of file raytrace.h.

Referenced by rt_boolfinal(), rt_default_multioverlap(), and rt_rebuild_overlaps().

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