#include "common.h"
#include "ged.h"
#include "solid.h"
#include <assert.h>
#include <osg/Geode>
#include <osg/Geometry>
#include <osg/RenderInfo>
#include <osgViewer/Viewer>
#include <osgUtil/Optimizer>
#include <osgDB/ReadFile>
#include <osgDB/WriteFile>
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Data Structures

struct  osg_stuff


void ged_osgLoadScene (struct bu_list *hdlp, void *osgData)
HIDDEN void _osgLoadHiddenSolid (osg::Geode *geode, struct solid *sp)
HIDDEN void _osgLoadSolid (osg::Geode *geode, osg::Geometry *geom, osg::Vec3dArray *vertices, osg::Vec3dArray *normals, struct solid *sp)

Detailed Description

An interface to OSG.

Definition in file osg.cpp.

Function Documentation

void ged_osgLoadScene ( struct bu_list hdlp,
void *  osgData 

Definition at line 150 of file osg.cpp.

References _osgLoadHiddenSolid(), _osgLoadSolid(), BU_LIST_NEXT, BU_LIST_NOT_HEAD, BU_LIST_PNEXT, bu_log(), display_list::dl_headSolid, and osg_stuff::viewer.

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HIDDEN void _osgLoadHiddenSolid ( osg::Geode *  geode,
struct solid *  sp 

Definition at line 56 of file osg.cpp.

Referenced by ged_osgLoadScene().

HIDDEN void _osgLoadSolid ( osg::Geode *  geode,
osg::Geometry *  geom,
osg::Vec3dArray *  vertices,
osg::Vec3dArray *  normals,
struct solid *  sp 

Definition at line 64 of file osg.cpp.

References BN_VLIST_LINE_DRAW, BN_VLIST_LINE_MOVE, BN_VLIST_POLY_DRAW, BN_VLIST_POLY_END, BN_VLIST_POLY_MOVE, BN_VLIST_POLY_START, BN_VLIST_POLY_VERTNORM, BU_LIST_FOR, bu_log(), bn_vlist::cmd, bn_vlist::l, bn_vlist::nused, bn_vlist::pt, X, Y, and Z.

Referenced by ged_osgLoadScene().

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