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file  timer.c
file  date-time.c


int64_t bu_gettime (void)
void bu_utctime (struct bu_vls *utc_result, const int64_t time_val)

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int64_t bu_gettime ( void  )

Definition at line 42 of file timer.c.

References bu_log().

Referenced by brep_build_bvh(), ged_draw_guts(), main(), and rt_brep_prep().

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void bu_utctime ( struct bu_vls utc_result,
const int64_t  time_val 

Evaluate the time_t input as UTC time in ISO format.

The UTC time is written into the user-provided bu_vls struct and is also returned and guaranteed to be a non-null result, returning a static "NULL" UTC time if an error is encountered.

Definition at line 33 of file date-time.c.

References BU_CK_VLS, BU_SEM_DATETIME, bu_semaphore_acquire(), bu_semaphore_release(), bu_vls_sprintf(), gmtime64(), and memset().

Referenced by main().

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