rt_piecelist Struct Reference

#include <raytrace.h>

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Data Fields

uint32_t magic
size_t npieces
 number of pieces in pieces[] array More...
long * pieces
 pieces[npieces], piece indices More...
struct soltabstp
 ref back to solid More...

Detailed Description

For each space partitioning cell, there is one of these for each solid in that cell which uses pieces. Storage for the array is allocated at cut time, and never changes.

It is expected that the indices allocated by any solid range from 0..(npieces-1).

The piece indices are used as a subscript into a solid-specific table, and also into the 'shot' bitv of the corresponding rt_piecestate.

The values (subscripts) in pieces[] are specific to a single solid (stp).

Definition at line 1404 of file raytrace.h.

Field Documentation

uint32_t magic

Definition at line 1405 of file raytrace.h.

Referenced by insert_in_bsp(), rt_ct_populate_box(), and rt_cut_extend().

size_t npieces

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