RT_MemoryArchive Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 RT_MemoryArchive ()
 RT_MemoryArchive (void *memory, size_t len)
virtual ~RT_MemoryArchive ()
size_t CurrentPosition () const
bool SeekFromCurrentPosition (int)
bool SeekFromStart (size_t)
bool AtEnd () const
size_t Size () const
uint8_t * CreateCopy () const

Protected Member Functions

size_t Read (size_t, void *)
size_t Write (size_t, const void *)
bool Flush ()

Detailed Description

XXX In order to facilitate exporting the ON_Brep object without a whole lot of effort, we're going to (for now) extend the ON_BinaryArchive to support an "in-memory" representation of a binary archive. Currently, the openNURBS library only supports file-based archiving operations. This implies the

Definition at line 4495 of file brep.cpp.

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