#include <rb.h>

Collaboration diagram for bu_rb_list:

Data Fields

struct bu_list l
union {
   struct bu_rb_node *   rbl_n
   struct bu_rb_package *   rbl_p

Detailed Description

List of nodes or packages.

The red-black tree package uses this structure to maintain lists of all the nodes and all the packages in the tree. Applications should not muck with these things. They are maintained only to facilitate freeing bu_rb_trees.

This is a PRIVATE structure.

Definition at line 80 of file rb.h.

Field Documentation

struct bu_list l

Definition at line 82 of file rb.h.

Referenced by bu_rb_create(), bu_rb_free(), bu_rb_insert(), rb_free_node(), and rb_free_package().

struct bu_rb_node* rbl_n

Definition at line 85 of file rb.h.

struct bu_rb_package* rbl_p

Definition at line 86 of file rb.h.

union { ... } rbl_u

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