bn_vlist Struct Reference

#include <vlist.h>

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Data Fields

struct bu_list l
 magic, forw, back More...
size_t nused
 elements 0..nused active More...
int cmd [BN_VLIST_CHUNK]
 VL_CMD_*. More...
point_t pt [BN_VLIST_CHUNK]
 associated 3-point/vect More...

Detailed Description

Definitions for handling lists of vectors (really vertices, or points) and polygons in 3-space. Intended for common handling of wireframe display information, in the full resolution that is calculated in.

On 32-bit machines, BN_VLIST_CHUNK of 35 results in bn_vlist structures just less than 1k bytes.

The head of the doubly linked list can be just a "struct bu_list" head.

To visit all the elements in the vlist: for (BU_LIST_FOR(vp, bn_vlist, hp)) { register int i; register int nused = vp->nused; register int *cmd = vp->cmd; register point_t *pt = vp->pt; for (i = 0; i < nused; i++, cmd++, pt++) { access(*cmd, *pt); access(vp->cmd[i], vp->pt[i]); } }

Definition at line 71 of file vlist.h.

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