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int gcv_tri_tri_intersect_with_isectline (struct soup_s *left, struct soup_s *right, struct face_s *lf, struct face_s *rf, int *coplanar, point_t *isectpt, const struct bn_tol *tol)

Detailed Description

Intersect 2 triangles using a modified Möller routine.

Definition in file tri_intersect.h.

Function Documentation

int gcv_tri_tri_intersect_with_isectline ( struct soup_s left,
struct soup_s right,
struct face_s lf,
struct face_s rf,
int *  coplanar,
point_t *  isectpt,
const struct bn_tol tol 

Definition at line 201 of file tri_intersect.c.

References gcv_compute_intervals_isectline(), gcv_coplanar_tri_tri(), face_s::plane, SORT2, and face_s::vert.

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