#include "common.h"
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <math.h>
#include "bu/sort.h"
#include "vmath.h"
#include "bn.h"
#include "rtgeom.h"
#include "raytrace.h"
#include "plot3.h"
#include "mater.h"
#include "solid.h"
#include "./ged_private.h"
#include "./qray.h"
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int ged_decode_dbip (const char *dbip_string, struct db_i **dbipp)
void ged_close (struct ged *gedp)
void ged_free (struct ged *gedp)
void ged_init (struct ged *gedp)
void ged_view_init (struct bview *gvp)
struct gedged_open (const char *dbtype, const char *filename, int existing_only)
struct db_i_ged_open_dbip (const char *filename, int existing_only)
 Open/Create the database and build the in memory directory. More...
HIDDEN int _ged_cmp_attr (const void *p1, const void *p2, void *arg)
void _ged_print_node (struct ged *gedp, struct directory *dp, size_t pathpos, int indentSize, char prefix, unsigned flags, int displayDepth, int currdisplayDepth)

Detailed Description

A quasi-object-oriented database interface.

A database object contains the attributes and methods for controlling a BRL-CAD database.

Also include routines to allow libwdb to use librt's import/export interface, rather than having to know about the database formats directly.

Definition in file ged.c.

Function Documentation

int ged_decode_dbip ( const char *  dbip_string,
struct db_i **  dbipp 

Definition at line 60 of file ged.c.

References GED_ERROR, GED_OK, and RT_CK_DBI.

void ged_close ( struct ged gedp)

Definition at line 74 of file ged.c.

References ged_free(), GED_NULL, ged::ged_wdbp, RT_WDB_NULL, and wdb_close().

Referenced by to_deleteProc().

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void ged_free ( struct ged gedp)

Definition at line 131 of file ged.c.

References bu_hash_tbl_free(), bu_hash_tbl_traverse(), BU_LIST_DEQUEUE, BU_LIST_NEXT, BU_LIST_NOT_HEAD, BU_LIST_PNEXT, BU_PUT, bu_vls_free(), ged::freesolid, ged_drawable::gd_headDisplay, ged_drawable::gd_headVDraw, GED_DRAWABLE_NULL, ged::ged_gdp, ged::ged_log, GED_NULL, ged::ged_result_str, ged::ged_results, ged_results_free(), ged::ged_selections, ged::ged_wdbp, qray_free(), and RT_WDB_NULL.

Referenced by ged_close().

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void ged_view_init ( struct bview gvp)

Definition at line 234 of file ged.c.

References bview_adc_state::a1, bview_adc_state::a2, bview_grid_state::anchor, bview_axes_state::axes_color, bview_axes_state::axes_pos, bview_axes_state::axes_size, bview_grid_state::color, bview_interactive_rect_state::color, bview_interactive_rect_state::dim, bview_axes_state::draw, bview_interactive_rect_state::draw, GED_VIEW_NULL, ged_view_update(), bview_other_state::gos_draw, bview_other_state::gos_line_color, bview_other_state::gos_text_color, bview::gv_adc, bview::gv_aet, bview::gv_center, bview::gv_center_dot, bview::gv_coord, bview::gv_data_vZ, bview::gv_eye_pos, bview::gv_grid, bview::gv_isize, bview::gv_keypoint, bview::gv_maxMouseDelta, bview::gv_minMouseDelta, bview::gv_model_axes, bview::gv_prim_labels, bview::gv_rect, bview::gv_rotate_about, bview::gv_rotation, bview::gv_rscale, bview::gv_scale, bview::gv_size, bview::gv_sscale, bview::gv_view_axes, bview::gv_view_params, bview::gv_view_scale, bview_axes_state::label_color, bview_adc_state::line_color, bview_axes_state::line_width, bview_interactive_rect_state::pos, bview_axes_state::pos_only, bview_grid_state::res_h, bview_grid_state::res_major_h, bview_grid_state::res_major_v, bview_grid_state::res_v, bview_adc_state::tick_color, bview_axes_state::tick_color, bview_axes_state::tick_enabled, bview_axes_state::tick_interval, bview_axes_state::tick_length, bview_axes_state::tick_major_color, bview_axes_state::tick_major_length, bview_axes_state::tick_threshold, bview_axes_state::ticks_per_major, bview_axes_state::triple_color, VSET, and VSETALL.

Referenced by to_new_view().

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struct ged* ged_open ( const char *  dbtype,
const char *  filename,
int  existing_only 
struct db_i* _ged_open_dbip ( const char *  filename,
int  existing_only 

Open/Create the database and build the in memory directory.

Definition at line 420 of file ged.c.

References bu_file_exists(), bu_file_readable(), bu_log(), db_create(), db_dirbuild(), db_open(), DB_OPEN_READONLY, DB_OPEN_READWRITE, and DBI_NULL.

Referenced by ged_open(), and ged_reopen().

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HIDDEN int _ged_cmp_attr ( const void *  p1,
const void *  p2,
void *  arg 

Definition at line 456 of file ged.c.

References bu_strcmp().

Referenced by _ged_print_node().

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