Applying to participate in the 2011 Google Summer of Code

Applying to participate in the 2011 Google Summer of Code

BRL-CAD has once again applied to participate in the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) program! GSoC is an open source program hosted by Google where every year they pay students a stipend of $5000 to work on specific open source projects. It's a highly competitive, challenging, and fun program both for the students and for the mentoring organizations. If accepted to participate, this will be BRL-CAD's third year as a mentoring organization.

While the money can be of great assistance to students interested in participating in open source software development, it's definitely not the emphasis. The money is just an enabler. "Flip bits, not burgers."

Students are asked to treat GSoC as a "job" only in terms of planning their time commitment to it for the summer. The real goal is to get more people introduced to, excited about, and participating in BRL-CAD development over the long term. If you're a student and working on open source computer graphics sounds awesome to you, then you should definitely apply!

We intentionally stepped back from participation in 2010 so that the development team could focus resources on our next-generation modeling interface. Now that substantial progress has been made, we're once again applying to rejoin the fun.

We plan to only mentor a small handful of students so if you are a student interested in working on BRL-CAD, please visit our GSoC information page paying particular attention to our application CHECKLIST. Welcome and good luck!