BRL-CAD 7.12.4 Released

BRL-CAD 7.12.4 Released

tire example I'm happy to announce the availability of BRL-CAD 7.12.4. This release contains numerous enhancements to MGED's mirror command, now with the ability to mirror an object across arbitrary vectors or points along a standard axis. Additionally, NIRT now has a new "gap" option for reporting the empty spaces between objects with additional formatting options being considered. The release also has an impressive new procedural database geometry tool for generating vehicle tires.

This new 'tire' tool was developed by Cliff Yapp for the purpose of creating highly detailed tires based on user-provided specifications. Given standard tire dimension information, the program can generate a corresponding curved sidewall tire on a fitted wheel and that optionally has detailed tread. The results are impressively realistic tires.

Since the 7.12.2 release, the following user-visible changes have occurred:

* added '-l' list option to mged dbfindtree command
* fixed minor memory leak during raytracing
* added '-+ t' rtcheck option to produce text plot output
* added gap reporting option to nirt
* added mirror command to archer
* improve behavior of interactive nirt backout command
* renamed mged dbbinary command to binary
* fixed rt/rtedge clipping bug
* new mged mirror command options for arbitrary vectors
* fix -k rt option to work for surface normal lighting
* add tire proc-db for easy tire/wheel model creation
* added query pixel support to the Windows framebuffer
* mirror across a distance along a given axis in mged

Special thanks to Bob Parker, Cliff Yapp, Sean Morrison, and Daniel Ro├čberg for their contributions made in this release.

This is a backwards-compatible source-only developer release. See for the full list of changes for each release.